The Cunningham Undergraduate Bursary 2017/18

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Important: read the information below, before completing this form.

- Please allow around 20-30 minutes to complete the application form.

- Please have your Student Finance details to hand.

- Late and/or incomplete applications will not be considered. 

- If you choose to save your application form, please note the email address and passwords are both case sensitive.  

- If you have any queries please contact or 020 7040 7040.

Part 1: Personal Details
This is the reference number assigned to you by City University.

This includes parents/guardians

Part 2: GCSE or Equalivalent Qualifications

e.g. GCSE French - A

Part 3: A'Level or Equivalent Qualifications

e.g. A'Level Economics - A

Part 4: Your studies at City
e.g. BA Music
e.g. School of Health Sciences

Part 5: Your Student Finance

e.g. £7,675

e.g. savings

Part 6: Disability funding

Part 7: Funding for children

Part 8: Expenses

e.g. zone 1

e.g. one prescription per month
e.g. £35 per week
e.g. internet access £5 per month
Part 9: Supporting Statements

Part 10: Data protection and declaration

Data Protection Act 1998
All data on this form will be held in the Student Centre and kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Data will be treated confidentially for the purpose of processing your application for a bursary/scholarship and may be shared with external bodies which provide the funding for bursaries/scholarships at City, University of London. More information on City's policy regarding the Data Protection Act 1998 is available at:

Applicant's declaration: 
I confirm that the details provided in my application is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I acknowledge that if I am discovered to have made an untruthful statement then the University may withdraw any bursary/scholarship awarded and may also take other disciplinary action it deems appropriate. I give my consent for my form and associated documents to be sent to those organisations funding burasry/scholarship at City, University of London. I acknowledge that the decision of the awarding panel is final and there is no system for an appeal against their decision.

Terms and Conditions:
The recipients are required to: Write a letter of thanks to the sponsor, outlining their progress and advise how the funds have been used. Attend the University Award Evening Spring 2018 and any further City events. Continuation of the bursary in subsequent academic years, is subject to funding by the sponsor. If the recipient withdraws from full-time study, the award will be cancelled.

By clicking 'submit application' below, applicants are confirming that they have read all the statements above and agree to comply. 

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