City, University of London - Startup Mentoring Application Form 2017

City Launch Lab

Welcome to the application stage for Startup Mentoring at City, University of London!

Through CityStarters we offer a wide range of events and competitions to encourage students and graduates of City to consider entrepreneurship. We also provide Incubation space through City Launch Lab for those that do decide to take their ideas further and get their business off the ground. 

We are always looking for amazing people to add to our startup-friend-circle. If you think you have any superpowers, skills, or expertise, that our City startups could benefit from, this is where you can tell us more!

City Launch Lab helps City's student and graduate startups by providing them with free office space and support for up to 12 months to make their startup journey just that little bit smoother.  Becoming a City Startup Mentor means that we will add you to our database and contact you as and when we have a startup that matches your profile. It would then be up to you and the startup in question to arrange a meeting and decide if you wish to continue the mentoring relationship after that. Below you will also be able to let us know of any other opportunities (such as facilitating workshops or Judging entrepreneurship competitions) you may be interested in.

Please complete this form with as much relevant information as possible. The information gathered in this form will help us assess when to involve you and when there is a suitable Startup for you to be paired with. Please provide plenty of detail of your expertise and what kind of startups you would be most interested in supporting, it will help us find your perfect match! :)

In addition we will ask you to upload your CV, and you have the option to attach a passport-style photograph. CVs and passport-style photographs are used to help to further inform our matching process and to help us to identify you.


The information listed in this form will be used for assessing and pairing you with a team or to identify a suitable session for you to lead should you wish. Your information will not be used for any other purpose without your consent.

Ready? - Let's go! :D


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I confirm that the information provided above is correct and would like to be considered as a potential mentor/facilitator. I agree to City, University of London holding this information for the purpose of my application.

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